Copy Planning Security to Essbase II

As we’ve seen in the last post, we have a list of users and their filter names as they exist in Planning. Continuing on, let’s take a look at what the documentation tells us about filters.


It’s not evident at first glance, the importance of the section, “as FILTER-NAME”. If you dig one step deeper, we find that the filter-name object needs to be follow the syntax,  application_name.database_name.filter_name”.


The part above, is what helps us in copying filters from one application to another. The pseudo-code MaxL required to do this might look like:

The next step is to extract the list above to a file by calling SQLPlus (yes, this one’s on an Oracle database, not SQL Server).

The contents of “Ext_Filters.sql” looks like:

The code above extracts the filters into a usable format.


Now, let’s set up some MaxL scripts to use the output above in an efficient manner. I chose to go with 2 individual scripts, one for copying filters and one for granting the user with the filter. The former might look like (ignore the fact that I am using encryption, this will work either way):

And the latter might look like:

Finally, all we need is a little batch script to put all the pieces together.

The “FOR” loop above will go through each item on the “FilterList.txt” file and process them individually. And that’s it, all I had to do was run the script and my filters were copied over. Though this does provide a quick way to copy filters from 1 app to another, you do still lose the controls you might get if these users were in groups. As I mentioned earlier, this is just a little POC.


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