Blank Hyperion Workspace Homepage

Sometimes when connecting to Workspace, you will get a message saying the start up document couldn’t load, resulting in a blank Hyperion Workspace homepage.

This is because most of the time users have not been granted access to the location where the homepage is stored or sometimes it’s because the homepage file is simply gone, deleted by mistake.

I experienced this again this week while going back to a previous client. For some reason the homepage was gone from their DEV environment:

Blank Homepage

And you should also get this message:



First, go to File > Preferences to check which document has been set as the startup document. It should be the Home Page. If it isn’t select Home Page, click OK to save the change. Log off and Log back in.




If at this point, you still have the same issue, ask your admin to follow below steps.

In Workspace, click on Explore.  If you don’t see a Shared Workspace Pages folder as below, then it probably means someone deleted it and deleted the homepage at the same time.


To fix this, go to an Hyperion Environment that has a working homepage. In my case, DEV was missing the homepage so I went to the TEST environment and logged into Shared Services (LCM) and exported out the Homepage. Name your export as desired, in my case WorskpaceHomePageExport


Then on the working environment (ie TEST in my case), go to the ORACLE_MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\user_projects\epmsystem1\import_export directory, and copy the exported object folder (ie WorskpaceHomePageExport) and move it to the exact same location on the DEV server. Then import the homepage into DEV:


Voila, you should now be able to log off and log back in and see the homepage if it is set as your startup document in your General preferences. (It didn’t work for me until I cleared my browser’s cache)


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  1. Works Perfect! Saved the day!

  2. what would you suggest if you’ve gone through all these steps and just specific people can’t get in to change their preference to the homepage? Its not even an option….

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