PBCS ePBCS Update – September 2019 – What’s new?

Last week, Test pods have been gifted with the latest PBCS update. Let’s see what September 2019 brings to PBCS.

Welcomed new features:

  • Data Management:
    • Drilling down from Summary members. Before this update drill through via Data Management only supported drill through at level 0. Apparently now we can drill from summary members and Drill is limited to 1000 descendant members for a dimension. There isn’t much details on how this works/ performs and whether this will apply to one unique dimension or on multiple dimensions. To be tested…
    • Loading data Through data management now supports incremental loads. New file is being compared to the previous file to identify new or changed records. To be tested as well…
  • You can now create/remove users and assign/unassign roles (as you would do in Oracle my services) using:
    • EPM Automate
    • REST API

Here to stay?

  • Classic dimension editor which was supposed to be deprecated multiple times in 2018 will stay at least until sometime in 2019… It will probably never go away until the new editor becomes somewhat usable.
  • Creating composite forms will get the same treatment. Will remain at least until sometime in 2019.

Side notes:

  • System setting and defaults moved to Tools > Settings. You can now set all application settings and system defaults in one place.
  • New Unified User Preferences available under the Navigator > Tools > User Preferences will let users set up their preferences in a streamlined manner for Planning, Financial Close and Tax Reporting all in place. Main takeaway for Planning is that User Variables are now included in User Preferences (instead of going through the Variables menu)
  • Some improvements on workforce rules… Yay?!

As usual, all details are available here.

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