2 sessions at Kscope19

2/3 of the unlocked cube team was at Kscope19 with 2 awesome sessions… (at least we think so) Maybe next year the full team will be together! (we missed you Pete!)

Anyway, during our sessions we were asked if we were going to share the videos we were showing since the pdf you can download on the ODTUG app obviously couldn’t contain videos…

So here we go. You can download below the latest version of our presentations and the slides with videos have now been replaced with links to the Youtube videos:

  • The Essbase Cloud REST API: What We Know Now. This is a follow up to Vijay’s last year kscope session and is a good read especially if you have never used the Essbase Cloud REST API, or as a matter of fact the PBCS REST API or any REST APIs. Getting started with the REST API is a matter of minutes!
  • A Case for a Well-Integrated EPM Cloud Solution: Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) – in this one we went over 3 examples on how you can leverage OIC to handle integrations between on premises environments, PBCS, Essbase Cloud… such as:
    • how to maintain variables across multiple PBCS pods and Essbase Cloud at once
    • how to update dimensions in PBCS based on an on-premises SQL database
    • how to load data from PBCS into Essbase Cloud

Happy Independence day!

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