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That took a while!! Sorry for not posting sooner, but I’d been distracted with KScope for the last couple of months. We had 2 presentations (you can find the content here and here), and it was a blast. I thought today, I’d come up with a short post, introducing some cool new functionality that is coming up on Essbase Cloud. Oracle is changing the look and feel of the product quite drastically. For instance, this is what Essbase Cloud looks like, today (if you haven’t patched your environment yet), if you log in to Essbase.

While it is clean, and functional, there were a few omissions from the UI, that Oracle is drastically trying to improve. For instance, one of the bugbears a lot of folks had, was the lack of hierarchy, when you update the outline.

Another issue that cropped up quite a bit, is how do you view sessions? I.e., how can you tell who’s logged on? Which script is running? This was easy to do, on-premises as you had Essbase Administration Services. I suppose you could see the jobs that are running, like below:

I suppose you could also look at running sessions using MaxL, but seriously? Anyways, these sorts of issues are definitely on the Oracle development team’s mind. To get an idea, as to where this is headed, I wanted to introduce you to (what I call) the Essbase Cloud Jet URL (or the Modern interface).

As you can see, it has a much cleaner interface. One of the cool additions to this UI, is the “Console” button.

From there, it opens up a few more possibilities. Including, viewing sessions.

One other thing that I will leave you with, today, is the view of the outline. As you can see, there is now a hierarchical view of dimensions. Plus, better editing capabilities.

Before I end this post, I wanted to make sure I mentioned that this is still very much a “beta” view of the product (again, if you haven’t patched up). The important thing here, is to recognize how Oracle’s development team is approaching enhancements to Essbase Cloud. It is also an indicator as to how much resources Oracle is putting into the product. There will be more posts coming up, on other existing/new features, so be on the lookout for a ton of new content on OAC, on our blog.

EDIT: Part 2 available here.


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